Helicopters in Korean War

In the Korean War, only two helicopters were used. They were the US Army’s Bell 47 (H-13D) and the Sikorsky H-19 “Chickasaw”, which were piston-engine transport helicopters employed by the 6th Transportation Company. The Bell 47 operated only as a medical evacuation helicopter, carrying two stretchers or litters, one on the right and the other on the left side. From 1951 until the end of this armed conflict, the Sikorsky H-19 was used as a medical evacuation, tactical control, and cargo support aircraft, in three versions: H-19A, H-19B, and H-19C. With a crew of 2, the Chickasaw could carry up to 8 stretches or 12 armed soldiers. It had a maximum speed of 101 mph and a range of 405 miles.

Below, Bell 47 helicopter


Sikorsky H-19


Bell 47 (H-13) in Korea (video)

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