How to stabilize Iraq

To stabilize Iraq, this country has to be given the same Allied political treatment administered to Japan right after World War II. When this country lost the war to the United States of America in August 1945, it was put under the military government of General Douglas MacArthur for five years. Thus, during the postwar period, Japan was under the complete control of American occupation troops and government as it was ruled by an American General and not by a Japanese politician. MacArthur undertook the task of completely changing the political, social, and cultural foundations of the country. In other words, Japan was westernized by the United States of America and was fitted out with a new, Western-oriented and democratic Constitution, written by American lawyers. Even the Japanese labor unions were organized during this period. Through the massive use of Japanese media, controlled by Americans, the Japanese population were re-educated as the lifestyle of the Western world was hammered into them through massive use of means of communication. This is not what the Bush and later Obama Administration did when the US troops ousted Saddam Hussein from power.

Iraq had to be westernized and secularized politically and culturally through the mass media. The Americans failed to do this and did not fill in the power vacuum left behind by the departure of the strong and ruthless dictator who used to rule the country with a strong, iron hand. Instead of bringing the whole country under the complete military and political Allied control, setting up an American military government to rule Iraq, the Western coalition powers were too timid and respectful of the Iraqi’s ways, which is characterized by religious fanatism. The coalition powers first set up the Iraqi Governing Council, composed of various Iraqi tribal leaders, some of whom had ties with Islamic extremist groups,  to govern the country from July 2003 to June 2004. It would be replaced by the Transitional Goverment and this by Al Malaki permanent government. This was a wrong approach that did not solve the power vacuum issue.

To establish a complete and seccessful control of an unstable country, it is the victorious power that must completely rule, especially if the deeply internalized patterns of thinking and behavior of the local population promotes aggressions against the free and democratic countries of the West. The Western coalition powers should have used the same political approach used by Harry Truman and Douglas MacArthur in Japan right after the World War II; that is to say, Iraq and Afghanistan should have been subjected to a westernization process through the massive use of media, thoroughly changing the political, social, and cultural scaffolding of the conquered country. This really works, especially when applied to school children. If you have lot of military might and human resources but you do not know how to use it, then you are not a real lion but a paper lion that is blown away by the shifting winds of political instability.

When Julius Caesar invaded the Gauls in ancient times, the Roman Senate established a Roman military governor to rule there and not a Gaul tribal chief. Over the years, the conquered Gauls were so romanized that they even adopted Latin as their native tongue and today French language derives from Latin. In the 18th century, a group of French intelectuals would re-discover the ancient Roman values of freedom and the political division of power into three branches of the ancient Roman Republic; and this philosophical movement would be called the Enlightment, which, in turn, would cause the French Revolution that overthrew the tyrannical, absolute monarchy and established the First French Republic. Thanks God that the Roman Senate did not proceed like George W Bush. If this President did a mistake, Barrack Obama committed one of the grossest political mistakes in history, which was withdrawing the Americnn troops from Iraq, leaving the region in the hands of Islamic terrorists.


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