IS-3 Tank

The IS-3Pike” was a Russian heavy tank fielded by the Soviet Army during the Cold War, entering service in 1945. Although it was based on the IS-2, it was practically a complete new redesign, featuring a new angular glacis plate and a new inverted-bowl turret as it was refitted with a long-barreled 85mm gun. The inverted-bowl or hemispherical turret gave the IS-3 a very low profile. Thus, when it was introduced at the end of WWII, it was deemed the most advanced heavy tank in the world, with massive armor protection of up to 140mm-thick on the hull glacis plate.  Its D-5T-85-BM 85mm gun was capable of penetrating 120mm-thick steel armor at 800 m away. The tank’s weaponry also included one 12.7mm (.50) DShK machine gun and one 7.62mm axial machine gun. The intruduction of this heavy tank ushered in a new era of Soviet tank construction, which would be followed by the T-55. The IS-3 was powered by one V-2, 12-cylinder diesel engine, that delivered 600 horsepower. In 1962, it was upgraded into the IS-3M.


Type: heavy tank

Weight: 47 tons

Length: 32′ 6″ (9.9 m)

Width: 10′ 2″ (3 m)

Height: 8′ 11″ (2.7 m)

Maximum speed: 23 mph

Operation range: 150 miles



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