ISIS Is a Menace to the Western Civilization

ISIS is an Islamic terrorist group, whose members are characterized by religious fundamentalism, fanatism, and hatred for Christians, Jews, atheists, Israel, and the Western World democratic nations. They advocate Sharia laws, which means women have no rights at all and can be subjected to lapidation and other types of brutalities. “ISIS” stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which can also be abbreviated “ISIL”, for Islamic State in Iraq and Levant. Being supplied with money and weapons by a large number of religious groups in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, this extremist organization has a global reach and claims that the Islamic State’s boundaries extend from China to Spain, and from Turkey to Kenya in Africa, threatening to plunge Europe into a Dark Age of terrorism and religion fanatism. The seriousness of the situation is that the European population does not grow; people there do not have enough children, while the Muslim immigrants in Europe have usually between 4 to 8 children per couple and this is an extemely serious geopolitical disadvantage, which does not seem to dawn on the European leaders and population, who are naively unaware of it.

Since its foundation in 2010 by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS has continuously been expanding their territorial control as their brutalities have filled in the void left by Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. Having seized about 50% of the Iraqi Army’s armament and ammunition, ISIS has launched a frontal assault across Iraq, capturing towns and cities as they move westward and northward. They attempt to overthrow the regular Iraqi government and consolidate an ever expanding Caliphate. Although most of their members are Sunnis, there is a large percentage of Jihadist fighters who are Shi’ites. They have mass murdered thousands of Christians, Shabaks, Kurds, Yezidis, and other minority people as they advance towards Kurdistan. There are reports that confirm rumours that they have crucified Christians and then buried them while still alive. Because of their abuse, atrocities, and human rights violation, the US and French Presidents and the Prime Minister of the UK have started a bombing campaign, in August 2014, in Iraq and Syria, where some of their headquarters are located, with the objective to stop the ISIS Jihadists advance, striking their strongholds and artillery positions.

Inside ISIS by Journeyman Pictures (Video)

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