ISIS Tactics and Objective

The fighting tactic used by ISIS, the terrorist group operating in Iraq, consists in launching a fast and surprise attack on an unprepared town, wreacking havoc to spread terror, and then take off as soon as possible in order to minimize the group’s casualties. Not giving the stricken population time to recover, they attack again a second time, with all their strength, but this time they stay and capture the town. ISIS’ members also kidnap Western journalists and constructors, who are executed by cutting their throats. Soon, videos of these executions are uploaded into internet in order to draw political attention, attrack more volunteers, and cause even more terror in Iraq and in the Western World.

The foreign volunteers that join ISIS are usually used as suicide bombers, on foot or driving a car full of explosives. Even though they do not have air superiority, ISIS has a huge arsenal, about 30% of the former Iraqi Army’s weapons, which include American-made ones. In order to carry out their military and terrorist tactics, they have Russian-made T-55 and Chinese-made T72 tanks, artillery pieces, anti-tank missiles and rocket-launchers, mortars, machine-guns, etc. Furthermore, ISIS is constantly being supplied with new weapons from Syria and Saudi Arabia by powerful religious groups.

ISIS’ Final objective

The purpose of these Islamic terrorist group is to establish a large caliphate that stretches from Afghanistan to Spain and from Turkey to Ethipia. Then capture the whole European continent with the help of the Islamic people living there. Like al-Qaeda, this new terrorist group take advantage of the lax immigration policies of the European countries. The ineffectual immigration regulation and laws arise from the human rights charter of the European Union and of the UN, which is the Western World Achilles’ Heel.


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