Islamic Refugees And The Collapse of Reason

                                                                                                                               By Carlos Benito Camacho

Meaning good judgement and the faculty to think clearly and in a logical way, the word reason is used daily in different contexts when talking about different subjects. Thus explained, reason is also common sense, and they are both synonymous with intelligence, which is the mental strength to adapt to the circumstantial surroundings and to procure the means to cope with the problems of survival, self-affirmation, and social ascent, either in a hostile or civilized environment, as an individual and as a member of social group, in prehistoric times and modern times. Furthered explained, intelligence is also the intellectual power to foresee the consequences of present decisions and behaviour, projecting them into the future; thus, it is the capacity to plan beforehand and skillfully execute one’s conceived ideas. Reason, as an instrument of survival, implies motor and spatial-temporal skills, which are located in the cerebral cortex, coordinated by the frontal lobe of the brain.

For thousands of years, that real, pure, and untainted reason has evolved with mankind in their struggle for survival, manufacturing through man’s hands the tools and weapons which man used to kill the prey he ate and the enemy clan that invaded his hunting territory and kidnapped his women. The rock-solid proof of this is found in the first traces of humanity, which are spearheads, arrowheads, stone axes and war hammers, all weapons for hunting and fighting found by archeologists world-wide; bone and quartz spearheads found in Europe and Asia dates from 60,000 years ago. This means that man first used his hands to make weapons as a primeval, urgent need to stay alive, chipping them out of stone or wearing them out of pieces of bone, stimulating the part of the brain that controls hand movements (frontal lobe). Thus, reason and common sense evolved around the struggle for survival, survival of the individual, survival of the tribe, and survival of the nation and the cultural identity that it implied. And survival of the nation also implied the population growth through local birth rate as more men and women were needed to fill in the new posts of a growing economy and for the defense against foreign attacks. With an increasing, local birth rate the nation or civilization’s culture could expand by inducing from one generation to the next the values through which the nation arose to prominence. In ancient Greek city-States, such as Sparta, it was a moral obligation to have children.

Using reason, even the Roman Empire was built upon the fighting for survival, for when it was a young republic, Rome had been attacked by invading armies and pushed to the brink of collapse, like the Gallic sack of the city in the 4th century BC and the Carthaginian army siege of Rome in the 2nd century BC. This forced the Roman Republic to create buffer zones and alliances with neighboring tribes. Nevertheless, the cultural fabric of values woven by reason began to get loose and frayed at the edges over the centuries, under the influence of imported foreign customs from the East, giving way to corruption. Therefore, decadence prevailed as great hordes of barbarian tribes pushed into what used to be the great Roman Empire, which collapsed along with the reason that gave rise to it. But among the rubble of the Roman Empire, the European nations would spring up, with their own cultural identity. Wars against one another would draw the borders between them and forge their national character. However, an obscure and awry form of thinking from the Middle East would eclipse reason and common sense; monotheistic, religious fanaticism, which would crush the individual self-esteem and erase whole cultures, from Asia to Europe. Contrary to reason, fanatism implies self-denial and blind devotion to a religious or political leader or system, that would solve the problems for the believer, without him having to directly face the daily existential problems. Fanatism involves high emotional levels, based on more primitive brain structures, such the hippocampus and amygdala.

Today, as it was in the Middle Ages, religious fanatism takes the form of a violent and murderous kind of monotheism we know today as Islam and that unreasonable, decadent politicians, abiding by their senseless “political correctness”, refuse to accept it and name it the way it is; Islam is a murderous cult. On the other hand, political fanatism takes the form of fascism and socialism. While the former was defeated in World War II, the latter lingers in European democratic socialism and their fanatical and destorted view of human rights and how they should universally and blindly be applied, equilizing the tax-paying, law-abiding citizens of the nations with the most insane and trechearous criminals, who are the Islamic terrorists that are invading Europe today. Islamic fanatism, the dark nebula that numbs reason, is hard-wired in the minds of the thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Africa, flooding Europe today, for intolerance is an inherent, theological feature of Islam, a monster that feeds on self-generated hatred. This silent yet leathal invasion is unchecked and unfettered by ill-conceived, humanitarian socialism; thus, the Western Civilization has put itself in the unreasonable pillory of human rights politics, with its shrinking population, one-child family, and goalless youth. While today’s Europe is bending over, trapped in this pillory of self-destruction, Islam is flogging hard from behind, weaving the fabric of a new caliphate. Every Muslim is a latent terrorist cell, for he blindly believes in the fundamentals of Islam, which is to “kill the infidel” and “lie and deceive the infidel”. Muslims do not believe in secular State laws, but in the application of Sharia, which is the Islamic religious law of all Muslims, sunnis or shi’ites.

But we are still on time to turn the tide that smothers reason. Wake up! Break out of the pillory of the distorted visions of reality you were put in by a left-oriented, opinion-forming press. Arouse your dormant, human Reason and let it rise and shine, so that you are able to see in this dark nebula of amiss humanitarianism, which is wrapping Europe, that your existence is in danger. Let the atavistic hunter inside you fight for survival once again as it was at the dawn of mankind! By the way, another function of our logical brain (when it is not trapped in this crippling “pillory”) is to discriminate, that is to say to distinguish what is useful and good for us from the lot of dangerous and bad ones. Discrimination is a mental capacity by which one can analize reality by breaking it up into the different parts that constitute the whole, making out the differences among them. Discrimination was a key mental trait in our struggle for survival.

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