Junkers Ju 388

The Junkers Ju 388 was a heavy fighter used by the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) during World War II. Developed from the Ju 188, it performed its first flight in late 1943 and entered service in 1944. It was also employed as a bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. Since Germany had lost industrial capacity due to Allied bombing, Junkers was able to manufacture only 102 Ju 388s. Most of them were flown on the Western Front, especially in the skies over England, conducting reconnaissance and interception missions.

The Junkers Ju 388 was a two-engine, mid-winged monoplane, with retractable landing gear. It was equipped with a pressurized cockpit for a three-man crew and was armed with two 13mm MG-131 machine guns, which were mounted in a tail turret, and two 20mm cannons fitted in the nose of the aircraft. In the bomber role, the Ju 388 featured a special container under the fuselage to increase its bombload capacity. To carry out reconnaissance missions, photographic cameras were fitted into this container, along with an additional fuel tank to increase its range. The aircraft was powered by two BMW 801J, 14-cylinder radial engine, which generated 1,810 hp.


Wingspan: 72 ft 2 in (22 m)

Length: 53 ft 5 in (16.29 m)

Height: 14 ft 3 in (4.3 m)

Maximum speed: 383 mph (616 km/h)

Range:1,360 miles (2,190 km)

Service ceiling: 44,000 ft (13,440 m)


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