Junkers Ju 87G Best Tank Buster of WW2

The Junkers Ju 87G was a Stuka version upgraded and adapted to play the role of a flying anti-tank weapon. With the emergence of the T-34 tank in huge numbers, there was the need for an effective tank killer, also providing vital fire support to Wehrmacht’s frontline ground troops. Thus, in late 1942, the Luftwaffe decided to develop an anti-tank aircraft from the Junkers Ju 87D, which was re-equipped with a more powerful engine, a 1,300-hp Jumo 211J, as the standard dive brake was removed.

To knock out tanks and other amoured vehicles, the Ju 87G was armed with two 3.7-cm Bordkanoke (BK), 37mm cannons, which were mounted beneath the wings. They fired tungsten-cored and HE ammunition. This gun type had been suggested by ace pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel. In January 1943, this German tank buster performed its test flight and was delivered to Luftwaffe front units in April 1943. Thus, the Ju 87G became the most effective tank killer of World War II, with amazing fire power and capable of destroying any Soviet tank.


WW2 German Tank Buster in Action (footage)

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