K1 Tank

Also known as the Type 88, the K1 is a 51-ton, main battle tank of the South Korean Army, constituting, along with the new K2 Black Panther, the backbone of South Korea’s armored units. And the K1A1 and K1A2 versions is up-to-date in technology and armor, being as advanced as the American M1A1 Abrams. It was designed by a team of Chrysler Defense but is manufactured by Hyundai Rotem, entering service in 1987. As of 2014, approximately 1,500 Type 88 tanks had been delivered to the South Korean Army.

Like the Leopard 1, around 1,050 K1 tanks is armed with the KM68A1 (Royal Ordnance L7) 105mm gun, which was replaced with the KM256 (Rheinmetall L44-55) 120mm gun when it was upgraded into the K1A1 and K1A2 versions (approx 500) a few years ago. It is equipped with Chobham type composite armor, fitted on a titanium alloy plate, protecting the crew against extra-hardened, kinetic energy Sabot rounds fired by most modern main battle tanks. This South Korean tank also boasts a laser range-finder and computerized fire control system.


Weight: 51 tons

Hull length: 7.48 m

Width: 3.6 m

Height: 2.25 m

Power plant: one 1,200 hp, 12-cyl, MTU Friedrichshafen diesel engine

Maximum speed: 65 km/h

Range: 500 km

Weapons: 105mm or 120mm gun; one 7.62mm co-axial machine gun; one 12.7mm machine gun on turret



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