The K200 is a tracked infantry fighting vehicle used by the South Korean Army. Designed by the Agency Defense Development, it is manufactured by Daewoo Heavy Industries, with more than 2,300 K200s built in several variants, such as the K216 and K242, with the first one being introduced in 1986. Lacking a gun and a rotating turret on top of the chassis, it looks like an armored personnel carrier rather than an IFV, being able to transport up to 9 well-equipped infantry soldiers.

The K200 series vehicles are powered by one MAN-Doosan D-2848T diesel engine, which generates 350 hp. Its armor consists of welded aluminum alloy, capable of stopping 7.62mm and 12.7mm-caliber rounds. It has an Allison transmission system and torsion bar suspension, with 5 road wheels and two sprocket wheels.


The K200 is armed with one .50 (12.7mm) Browning machine gun and one 7.62mm machine gun. The K242 is fitted with one 107mm mortar for fire support, while the K263 Cheongoong is equipped with one 20mm AA gun. The K216 version, which is used for reconnaissance missions, also carries two machine guns (12.7mm and 7.62mm).


Weight: 13.2 tons

Hull length: 5.5 m

Width: 2.8 m

Height: 2.5 m

Crew: 3, plus 9 infantry



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