Kolibri Pistol

The Kolibri was a 2.7-mm-calibre, semi-automatic pistol made in Austria in 1914. Designed by Franz Pfannl, this pistol was the smallest semi-automatic gun ever produced in history. It fired 0.11-inch (2.7-mm) rimless cartridges from a detachable 6-shot magazine. The Kolibri became popular among businessmen and women as it was easy to conceal. Despite its small size, it could really kill someone when fired at point-blank range and if the bullet hit a vital organ. With the outbreak of World War I, the production of this miniature weapon was stopped altogether.


Type: semi-automatic pistol

Weight: 118 grams

Length: 5.08 cm (2 inches)

Barrel length: 2.54 cm (1 inch)

Magazine: 6 cartridges, detachable


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