Leopard 2A4 Upgrade

The Leopard 2A4 is a variant of the German main battle tank Leopard 2. It entered service with the Bundeswehr in 1985 and was exported to several nations, where they underwent slight modifications to adapt it to each country defensive needs. However, the 2A4 variant has recently been upgraded in Germany (as of 2014), making it even more advanced that the 2A6, but has the same mobibility (engine, tracks, wheels, suspensions) than this version.

Fitted with a 120-mm, smooth-bore gun, the upgraded 2A4 features improved firepower, with next-generation fire control system; electrical gun and turret drives; a remote weapon station, firing a 7.62-mm MG3 machine gun; improved armor protection with add-on, ballistic, protection modules and add-on mines protection modules; improved survivability, with laser-warning receiving system; battlefield management system; new gunner and commander’s periscopes, and a new driver’s vision system. It is also fitted with very senstive electronic sensors that detect laser beams aimed at the tank from enemy laser pointer/rangefinder.



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