M5 Tank

The M5 was a massively-produced and extensively-used version of the American M3 Stuart tank. It was a light armored vehicle used in the infantry support and reconnaissance roles. Entering service in  1943, approximately 8,000 M5 tanks had been produced by the end of World War II. In British service, it was designated Stuart VI. It was deployed by the US and British Armies in the Italian Campaign, Normandy, and the Pacific theater of operations. It was also used by the Nationalist Army during the Chinese Revolution, and by the Canadian and Australian forces in Korea.

The M5 and its variant, the M5A1, featured twin V-8 Cadillac gasoline engines. It had a redesigned hull, with raised rear deck to accomodate the two engines. Its armament consisted of an M6 37mm gun and two Browning M1919 machine guns. It had maximum road speed of 40 miles per hour (65 km/h) and an operational range of 90 miles. Weight: 15 tons.


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