The M79Blooper” was a 40mm grenade launcher, which was first used in combat by the US Army Infantry and Marine Corps in 1964, during the Vietnam War. It was developed in the 1950s by the Springfield Armory, a US firearms manufacturer, and entered service in 1961. With a shot-gun design, it was fired from the shoulder and had a break-action (it broke open in order to be reloaded).

In Vietnam, the M79 was nick-named the Blooper by the US ground troops, looking like a giant shot gun. When the breech was opened, the spent cartridge casing was ejected, a new round was loaded, then, the breech was closed again, cocking the action. The Blooper had a leaf-type, folding, iron sight.


Type: stand-alone grenade launcher

Caliber: 40 mm

Cartridge: 40x46mm

Weight: 2.93 kg (loaded)

Length: 73.1 cm

Barrel length: 35.7 cm

Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s

Rate of fire: 6 rpm

Range: 400 m


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