Mantis AA Gun

The Mantis Flugabwehrwaffensystem is a fully-automatic, 35-mm, anti-aircraft gun in service with the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) from 2011. Developed by Rheinmetal, it operates in groups of six or three guns, equpped with two sensor units and a computerized, ground, control unit. The sensor unit consists of a search radar, revolving antenna, a round tracking antenna, an ifnrared camera, and a laser rangefinder. It was designed for the air defense against drones, incoming missiles, and supersonic jet aircraft and employs programmable ammunition. The Mantis is considered to be more effective than surface-to-air AA missile systems.


Type: AA Gun

Caliber: 35 mm

Rate of fire: 1,000 rpm

Range: 14,500 m



Mantis in action

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