Map of German Offensive on the East

The maps of the German offensive on the East, set in motion through Operation Barbarossa on June 22, 1941, show the three prongs of the attack on the Soviet Union (Russia), during World War II. It was carried out by Army Group North (AGN), under Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb, Army Group Center (AGC), commanded by field marshal Fedor von Bock, and Army Group South (AGS), led by Gerd von Rundstedt. AGN had the task of overrunning the Soviet Baltic states and capturing Leningrad; AGC would thrust across the Russian plains and attempt to encircle and take Moscow, which would result in a ferocious battle fought in freezing temperatures, costly for the Germans; and AGS, reinforced by Romanian troops, would attack Kiev and invade the Ukraine.

Below: maps of Operation Barbarossa as planned




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