MAT-49 Submachine Gun

The MAT-49 was a French, 9-mm submachine gun introduced in 1949. It was manufactured until 1979 by the State-run firm Manufacture Nationale d’Arms de Tulle for the French Army, Foreign Legion, and the Gendarmerie. The MAT-49 was a reliable, sturdy weapon that saw combat action in several armed conflicts around the world during the Cold War, such as the French Indochina War, Suez Crisis, the Vietnam War, Algerian War, and Rhodesian Bush War. The French paratroops loved this weapon for its accuracy, reliability, and because it was easy to carry.

The MAT-49 used a blowback action for its automatic reload as it was fed from 20-round, 32-round, and 35-round box magazines. It was made with stamped steel plates, which was an unexpensive production system by which the French government was able to produce this submachine gun in great quantities. The MAT-49 had a 23-cm-long rifled barrel and a retractable wire stock for firing from the shoulder. Those made for the French Gendarmerie features two triggers, one for single shot, and the other for full automatic fire.


Type: submachine gun

Weight: 3.5 kg

Barrel length: 23 cm

Full length: 72 cm

Effective range: 70 m

Rate of Fire: 600 rpm

Cartridge: 9x19mm Parabellum (the Soviet converted captured MAT-49 to fire the 7.62x25mm Tokarev rounds)


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