Media-Induced Prejudices in the Light of Historical Facts

In the following 11-point article, I expose the media-induced prejudices that are in most people’s mind and the danger that they represent as causative of present and future political and social events.

1- Did you know that Charles Manson, criminal and founder of a cult, once said, during an interview in jail while being tried, that if at daybreak someone starts stating a fallacy repeatedly, persevering in asserting it over and over again during the day, without giving in one inch, when the sun has set, such lie will have become a truth? The dogmatic truth; the psychological truth; and the sheep will live and die by such truth. The nine hundred and eighty people who committed suicide in Guyana in 1978 by order of their religious leader, Jim Jones, is a big example. At the beginning of the sixties, the Chinese thought that they were catching up with the western world in industrial and technological capacity as many of their peasants left their rice paddies and wheat fields to cast steel in their home back yards just because Mao Tse-tung’s State propaganda apparatus unrelentingly told them so in his misconceived Great Leap Forward government policy. But the chimera took its toll; it was a leap down into the abyss of starvation as millions of Chinese died during the sixties’s famines.

2- Did you know that the press sometimes is called the fourth estate for its capacity to form opinions, that is to say, it has the power to shape patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting before certain circumstances, events and famous people, setting up prejudices in the people’s minds? [from Latin pre: before; judiciare: judge] psychological verdict without due reflective and analytical process, which can only be done through experience and knowledge of the facts and evidence; piles of evidence lie in history which contradict these prejudices.

3- Did you know that the abuse of this power to form opinions, distorting facts, portraying the wrong political tableau and an illusory view of reality can have ominous consequences for a country and perhaps a civilization? Have you ever wondered about the ideological tendencies and business interests of most of the newspapers and tv channels in United States, Latin America, and European countries? They are either socialists or anarchists, or mercenary of the word or just one hundred percent anti-Americans.

4- Did you know that billions of dollars coming from the Middle East is perhaps being channeled through some media sources to subvert the way people have traditionally seen things, undermining the fabric of the western culture, seeping slowly and subtly through television, newspapers, movies industry (Hollywood), forging facts about the war against terror, and even about history, here and there buying a few journalists, and space in cable cultural channels, through third parties?

5- Did you know that globalization started in ancient times when the Phoenicians, Egyptians, and Greeks made a free trade zone of the Mediterranean, then the Romans imposed an only currency; the “Ceasar”?

6- Did you know that the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Myserinus, which took more than 100 years to build each one of them and that cost thousands of slaves’s lives, were not for the living, but for the dead and their belongings, and did not have any practical use? For centuries they had been stacking up stones into the desert clear blue sky, but one day the Hittites, who did not pile up stones for the dead, sprang up and invaded Egypt just because they had iron swords which were wielded by their warriors who were alive. Piling up stones for a corps was an awry State policy in ancient Egypt, and a strategy of survival that failed, just as communism would in the late 20th century.

7- Did you know that the Romans built bridges and roads for trading and securing their borders, aqueducts for carrying water supply and irrigating their farm fields; public baths and sewer systems for public hygiene; theaters and amphitheaters for the entertainmaint of the Roman citizen; steel gladii, jabalines, and war machines for the efectivity of their legions? The Roman built for the living, for the citizens of Rome. Rome as well as Greece, which built and created for the living, not for the dead, left behind a legacy for the Western World, for mankind. By the way, legacy, aqueduct, create, efectivity, plublic, citizen, entertainment, as well as street, cement, column, concrete, future, republican, honor, liberty, peace, and hundreds of other words derive from Latin, the language of Rome.

8- Did you know that today’s Egyptians not even speak the language of their anceint ancestors? Whereas Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Rumanian are Latin languages. Today’s Egyptians speak Arabic, because they were invaded and subjugated in 642 AD by an Islamic army from the Arabic penninsula as part of the jihad against the infidels (Christians, Jews, and polytheists). The Muslim invasion of the territories of what is today Syria, Lebanon Israel, Egypt, Libya, Argelia, Morocco, more than half of Spain and southern France took place between the 7th and 8th centuries, that is to say, three centuries earlier than the first Christian crusades. So, it was the Islamic invasions and their atrocities that were being committed against the Latin and Greek speaking Christians of the Middle East that provoked the crusades and NOT the other way around as some Hollywood writers and directors try to wrongly convince us.

9- The Roman civilization survived for more than a thousand years because the Romans used reason, not ideology and emotion, and fought for their survival. Their actions were not inhibited by ideological reflections about the human rights of those who wanted to destroy them. The Visigoths in Spain and the Franks in France, under Charles Martel, also fought for their survival. Thanks God that the New York Times, Hollywood, the Democratic Party and the liberal labors and French socialists did not exist in those days. Homo sapiens evolved fighting for survival in a rough environment; the only and first vestiges found by anthropologists, and which confirm his ancient presence, are not collections of poetry, but spearheads, arrowheads, axes, stone war hammer, etc, which they used in the fighting for survival.

10- Did you know that when you see the sun come up and then climb up in the heavens, and finally set at twilight, in fact, it does not come up, nor does it go up, nor does it set; it is the Earth that spins around its axis. Galileo Galilei was prosecuted by a biased Catholic church for saying the contrary to the seeming, to what is apparent. As this article and my site might be censored by a pro-Democrat, socialist-oriented Google.

11- Did you know that during the Mesozoic era, about 150 million years ago, the Earth average global temperature and the sea levels were much higher than today’s, as there were regions near the Arctic and Antarctic with tropical and subtropical weather, making it possible for the existence of big lizards, and that during the Cenozoic there were four glacial and interglacial periods? Who caused those green house effects if man had not come into existence yet? Rain forests are being depleted in developing and underdeveloped countries such as Brasil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina, China, India, Nigeria, etc, mostly by local lumber companies which are allowed by their local, lax governments and their loophole-ridden laws. And the emission of lead-containing carbon monoxide through fossil fuel combustion and acid-containing industrial gas is three times higher in those developing countries than it is in the United States and European nations. It was an American government between 1901 and 1908 – Theodore Roosevelt’s administration, Republican – which pioneered the preservation of forests as he set aside 148 million acres of fiscal land as timber reserves, setting up the National Conservation Commission and supporting the drive for the establishment of national parks.

Written by Carlos Benito Camacho

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