Middle East Migrants in Europe

Obama Administration’s withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak created a power vacuum in the Middel East, paving the way for the emergence of ISIS, an Islamic terrorist organization bent on mass murdering human beings that are not like them. The civil war in Syria, where several US-backed Islamic guerrilla groups fight to topple the secular dictator Bashar al-Assad, has worsened the situation in the region as violence intensifies every day. The ravaging wars in the Middle East triggered a humanitarian crisis as thousands upon thousands of refugees set on the migratory road towards West Europe, looking for a new territory to settle in as many political pundits fear that ISIS terrorists might use the moving crowds of migrants to infiltrate Western Europe and expand world-wide.

In the past, European immigrants, that crossed the Atlantic to settle in the United States of America, Canada, Argentina, and Brasil, brought along with them their skills, traditions, and customs that greatly contributed to the host country’s economy and cultural legacy; they adapted successfully to the new social environment since they had more or less the same lifestyles as the ones practiced in the American Continent as most of them were also Christians, just like the host countries’ peoples. The question is: what do these Middle East and African migrants in Europe have to offer to the Western Civilization? This new type of immigrants, that are massively heading towards the West, bring along with them their deeply ingrained patterns of feelings, thinking, and behaviour, which revolve around their Islamic religion. This religiously way of interacting is hard-wiredly induced from one generation to the next by enculturation, rendering them unable to adapt to an open-minded and free society. That is to say, they bring along with them an alienating culture that fences them off from those that are not like them, creating a nation within a nation, with their own rules and laws, religious ones. And these are the same people that celebrated with cheers in the streets of Damasco, Bagdad, and Cairo the fall of the Towers on September 11.

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