Mk F3 155mm

The canon Mk Mle F3 was a French, 155mm, self-propelled howitzer used during the Cold War. Developed and produced by the state-owned firm GIAT Industries, it entered service in 1962. It was a tracked self-propelled artillery piece, consisting of a 155mm-caliber howitzer mounted on the chassis of the AMX-13 light tank. It shot 43.75-kg, High Explosive ammunition to a maximum effective distance of 21 km (14 miles), with a rate of fire of 4 rounds per minute. The armored vehicle, on which the gun was based, was powered by one SOFAM 8GxB 8-cylinder gasoline engine that generated 250 hp, reaching a maximum speed of 37 miles per hour (60km/h), with a range of 190 miles. Total weight: 18 tons.


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