Modern British Fleet

The modern british fleet of the Royal Navy is composed of 1 aircraft carrier (HMS Illustrious R06), 1 amphibious assault ship (HMS Ocean L12), 1 amphibious transport dock (HMS Albion L14), 13 Duke-Class frigates, 6 Daring-Class destroyers, 7 attack submarines (2 Astute-Class and 5 Trafalgar-Class), 4 ballistic Vanguard-Class submarines, 7 minehunter vessels, and 8 mine countermeasures vessels. The British Navy also has at its disposal 22 patrol boats of all types, and 2 icebreakers.

The HMS Illustrious is to be replaced in 2016 by HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, which will be the fleet flagship. Five more Astute-Class submarines are currently under construction and they will replace the Trafalgar-Class.


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