Modern German Armoured Divisions

Currently, as of March 2016, the German Army, which is the main branch of the Bundeswehr, has two armour divisions; the 1. Panzerdivision, which is made up of the 9th Panzer Demonstration Brigade, the 21st Panzer Brigade, the 41st Panzer Brigade, and the 325th Artillery Battalion; the 10. Panzerdivision, which is composed of the 12th Panzer Brigade, the 37th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, the 23rd Mountain Infantry Brigade, and the 131st Artillery Battalion. Each one of the Panzerbrigade consists of 4 battalions, each equipped with 44 Leopard 2A6 and 2A7+ main battle tanks, while the 37th mechanized infantry brigade of the 10. Panzerdivision is armed with Schützenpanzer Puma infantry fighting vehicles and GTK Boxer armoured personnel carriers.


A Bundeswehr Armour Division in Action (video)

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