The Nieuport 17 was a fighter aircraft used by France during World War I. Armed with one .303 Vickers machine gun, mounted on upper wing, it was fielded on the Western Front in March 1916. The Nieuport 17 was single-seat biplane, propelled by one Le Rhone 9Ja 9-cylinder engine, that delivered 110 hp. The two wings were joined at both ends by a pair of two struts fixed in a “V” shape. Although it was a very maneuverable aircraft, by 1917 it had been outmatched by the new German fighter, the Albatros D.III.

Technical Data

Wingspan: 26 ft 9 in (8.16 m)

Length: 19 ft (5.80 m)

Maximum speed: 110 mph (177 km/h)

Ceiling: 17,350 ft (5,300 m)

Range: 180 miles


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