Obrum PL-01 Stealth Tank

The PL-01 is a Polish tank design, whose model was first introduced in September 2013, at the International Defence Industry Exhibition, in Kielce, Poland. With the first prototype being finished by mid 2016, this tank concept was conceived by Obrum and BAE System, a Polish and a British firm respectively. Although the PL-01’s layout is almost the same as the one we can see in today’s main battle tank, it is equipped with a new feature that has never been used in tanks before; stealth technology.

Its modular, ceramic-aramid armor is angular and is covered by a layer of stealth material. Based on the Swedish Combat Vehicle 90 chassis, the PL-01 has a low-profile turret that can be fitted with either a 105-mm or 120-mm, smooth-bore gun, with an automatic loader. However, its diesel engine is not as powerful as the Challenger or Leopard 2 main battle tanks’s, delivering only 940 hp. This Polish tank also boasts 360º observation capability for day and night, and radar sensor and laser warning heads located around the turret.


Length: 7 m

Width: 3.8 m

Height: 2.8 m

Weight: 35 tons

Crew: 3

Maximum speed: 70 km/h



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