Operation Eagle Claw

Operation Eagle Claw was the military operation to rescue the American citizens held hostage by Islamic revolutionaries in the US embassy in Tehran, Iran, from 1979 to 1980. This failed rescue attempt was carried out by a US rescue force on April 24 and 25, 1980, during the Carter Administration. The Special Operation rescue group was composed of a Delta Force Team, six USAF C-130 Hercules, and eight US Navy transport helicopters.

Operation Eagle Claw failed since it was too complex and involved the establishment of an airstrip base (Desert One) inside Iran, in the province of Yazd, and a second base near Tehran, from which the Delta Force Team would attempt to get to the US embassy by trucks, kill the Iranian revolutionary guards, liberate the hostages, and transport them by truck, back to the second stage base near Tehran, from which everybody would be carried by helicopter to the first stage base, in Yazd. From Desert One, they would be exfiltrated out of Iran on the C-130 Hercules planes.

To try to assault the well-guarded US embassy by truck was a very far-fetched idea, especially when the trucks had to cross an eight million people city. The US troops could not even leave the first stage base (Desert One), since two helicopters crashed, one of them into a C-130 Hercules, and the mission had to be aborted.

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