Polikarpov R-5

The Polikarpov R-5 was a Russian  two-seat, single-engined biplane. In service with the Soviet Air Force from 1931, it was used in reconnaissance and bombing missions during World War II. It had been designed by Nikolai N Polikarpov and first flown in 1928, being used as a mail aircraft by the State-run airline Aeroflot between 1930 and 1934. The Polikarpov R-5 was also employed by the Republican Air Force during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), carrying out day and night bombing missions. However, by the time Operation Barbarossa was launched by Germany, it had already become obsolete, being relegated to reconnaissance and ground support missions by mid 1942. It was slow and flimsy as it did not have an all-metal fuselage, being made mostly of wood. It was armed with two 7.62mm machine guns, one firing forward and the other shooting backward operated by gunner. It could carry two 100-kg or five 50-kg bombs.


Type: light bomber

Wingspan: 50′ 10″ (15.5 m)

Length: 34′ 7″ (10.5 m)

Height: 10′ 8″ (3.25 m)

Engine: one Mikulin M-17B (BMW VI) V12, 680 hp

Maximum speed: 142 mph (228 km/h)

Range:  500 miles



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