Ratel ZT3

The Ratel ZT3 is an anti-tank, combat vehicle in service with the South African National Defense Force. It first saw combat action on September 10, 1987, during the Angolan Bush War. Originally developed by the former defense contractor Sandock Austral, it is manufactured by Land System OMC. The ZT3 was developed from the Ratel 20, which was the first variant of the Ratel IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). Other variants are Ratel 60, 81, and 90.

The ZT3 is a wheeled, 6×6, armored vehicle powered by one 315-hp, ADE 407TI, turbocharged, diesel engine. To transform the Ratel into an anti-tank vehicle, a new turret was fitted on top, with three Ingwe, anti-tank missiles. In the Angolan Bush War, the Ratel ZT3 destroyed more than 15 Soviet-made T-55 tanks. It is also armed with one 7.62mm machine gun.


Weight: 19.5 tons

Length: 7.2 m

Width: 2.7 m

Height: 2.4 m

Maximum speed: 65 mph (105 km/h)


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