Rebel Groups in Syria

There are six large rebel groups fighting in the streets of Aleppo, Damascus, Apamea, Homs and other cities throughout Syria, against Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Four of them are religiously-biased against the Western World and the United States and European countries must keep a close watch on them. In order of importance they are:

1) Free Syrian Army. Composed of about 65,000 men, under the command of Salim Idris, it is the largest of them all. Most of these troops are former Syrian Army officers and soldiers that turned rebels. Fortunately, it is a pro-democratic, secular guerrilla force that should receive military and logistic aids from the western countries.

2) Syrian Islamic Liberation Front. It is a revolutionary Islamic force, which consists of 35,000 men, led by Ahmed Eissa al-Sheikh.

3) Syrian Islamic Front. A 14,000-troop guerrilla Sunni Muslim group commanded by Abu Abdullah al-Hamawi.

4) Ahrar ash-Sham. A coalition of different Islamic groups (both Sunnis and Shi’ites) the size of an army division (12,000).

5) Mujahideen Army. This is an Al-qaeda-linked fighting force made up of about 11,000 men, with supply lines coming from Iraq. Watch out! For this is the most extremist of all!

6) Al-Nusra Front. It is another extremist group composed of 7,500 troops, under Abu Mohamad al-Golan.

Other lesser fighting forces or cells

7) Ghuraba al-Sham

8) Fatah al-Islam

9) Al-Tawhid Brigade

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