Rubis Class Submarine

The Rubis class is a class of six attack submarines in service with the French Navy. The first of the series, the S601 Rubis, was commissioned in 1983. while the last one, the S606 Perle, entered service in 1993. These French nuclear-powered submarines are highly advanced submersible vessels, featuring stealth technology and destructive weaponry. They are powered by a pressurized K48 nuclear reactor, supplying two AC electrical generators and one 7 MW electrical motor. The hull, the sonnar dome, and the sail (fin) tower are made of anti-magnetic steel and composite materials. The Rubis class is also equipped with a DMUX 20 passive/active sonar, an ETBF DSUV towed array passive sonar, and a central computer system.

List of Submarines of her Class

S601 Rubis, S602 Saphir, S603 Casablanca, S604 Emeraude, S605 Amethyste, S606 Perle.


14 SM39 Exocet anti-ship missiles, 18 wire-guided torpedoes, plus mines.


Type: attack submarine

Length: 73.6 m

Beam: 7.6 m

Draft: 6.4 m

Displacement: 2,600 tons (submerged)

Maximum speed: 30 knots

Range: unlimited




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