Russian Aircraft Bomb ISIS Strongholds in Syria

On September 29, 2015, Russian fighter and ground attack aircraft carried out bombing raids against ISIS strongholds, that include ammo depots and communication center, in Syria. In order to directly support his allied, Syrian president, Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian Air Force destroy key positions of Islamist terrorist guerrillas located near the city of Aleppo and in central Syria. The extreme Islamist terrorist groups, some of which are supported by Obama’s Administration, are trying to overthrow the Syrian secular dictator. The Russian intervention is a relief for thousands of Christians, Kurds, and Druse minorities that are being massacred by the Muslim fundamentalists, specially when the American foreign policy in the region is ambiguous and equivocal, confusing every political pundits.

Video of Russian bombing of ISIS positions in Syria

Russian Air Force Attack on ISIS Strongholds Footage

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