Saudi Arabia Influence on US Foreign Policy

Saudi Arabia is the most powerful lobbyist in the world, greatly swaying the United States of America foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. The US has been submissively working for Saudi Arabia, the world capital of Islamic fundamentalism, for decades. It all started in the 1970s, during the President Carter Administration, when the US had just been hit hard by the second energy crisis. This second energy crisis had been caused by the world oil shortage that ensued the Iranian Islamic Revolution and the fall of Reza Pahlavi, the shah of Persia (Iran); this was the reason why Iran had stopped supplying the world with oil for at least two long years.

It was Saudi Arabia that came to the “rescue” increasing its oil production, violating the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) agreement signed a couple of years earlier. Not only did this Islamic country began secretly selling oil to the US, but it also started buying US government’s bonds. As a result, the debt to the Saudi has been increasing over the years; and today it stands between 25 to 30% of the total US debt.

During the presidential campaign in 2016, Donald Trump had acknowledged the fact that it was Saudi Arabia the main country that supports and supplies Islamic terrorism world wide, followed by Iran. However, once he was sworn in as President, it seemed that he got “influenced” right away by the most powerful lobbyist (Saudi Arabia); it all boils down to business and money. In other words, the American greed is selling the free world peoples to Islamism (terror, death, destruction, etc) on a silver tray.

It was Saudi Arabia decision that Saddam Hussein and Mubarak had to go, for they were secular (non-religious) dictators that put a check to the expansion of Islamism. Not only was former Iraqi dictator an impediment for the proliferation of Islamic fundamentalism, but he also protected Christian minorities, science and arts. But the one of the rationals the Bush Administration gave for the invasion of Iraq was that Saddam Hussein violated Iraqi people human rights. Once he had fallen, the Iraqi people Bush supported (both Sunnis and Shiites) began attacking, burning and ransacking Christian churches, schools and museum throughout the countries, with the American troops doing nothing at all. Now, Saudi Arabia, and the US Administration, have al-Assad regime in their sights, just because he is another secular president. But this is going to be a harder nut to crack, as Syrian President is backed by Russia.

There is “confidential” information that it was Saudi Arabia who was behind the terrorist attack on the towers on September 11 as a week later after they had been knocked down, the Saudi prince visited ground zero, making strange declaration, and it was during the Bush Administration. Conclusion: the US and a couple of European countries governments work for the Saudis, that is to say, they collaborate for the establishment of a big caliphate in the Western World. It is about time we woke up and stop being naive once and for all.

Saudi Arabia objective: the spread of Islam and the creation of a caliphate in Europe, from which Islamic fundamentalism would spill over even further all over the world. With the growth of Islamism, the Saudi’s sphere of geopolitical influence would increase.

US Government role: to protect the “human rights” of Islamic people, not the Christian and Agnostic’s ones, for we can be maimed, mangled, riddled with bullets, chopped up with machete, and stabbed with daggers and no western government will come to our help. Unfortunately, in the era of political correctness, the free people will always be ignored, unless we start acting and doing something to stop the treason.

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