Should the US help the Guerrilla against al-Assad?

The United States of America and the European Union countries should not help the Muslim guerrilla armies in their fight against Bashar al-Assad, the dictator of Syria. Even though it is not a democracy, it is a secular government and, as such, it has no connections with any Islamic terrorist groups. The ousting of al-Assad and his family from power in Syria would only create another power vacuum in the region that will be filled up by ISIS insurgency. The history of American foreign policy is characterized by meddling in other’s country’s affair to help the wrong guys, specially when it comes to aiding insurgent groups in the Muslim world. Such policy has always gone awry, because these people represent an alienating religious culture that render them completely unreliable.

In the 1980s, the Reagan Administration helped the Islamic Taliban guerrilla fighters in their armed struggle against the invading Soviet Army in Afghanistan, with the CIA supplying them with all types of weapons, food, and medicine; “the freedom fighters,” they were called, and the guys from Hollywood even shot a movie about this war, starring Silvester Stallone. And, in gratitude for this wonderful aid that helped them get rid of the Russians, the Taliban knocked down the towers on September 11, 2001, murdering thousands. Also in the 1980s, the American government aided Saddam Hussein government, with logistic and intelligence information, in his war against the Iran of the Ayatollahs; once again, to show their gratitude, and Iraqi, Mirage F-1 pilot destroyed the USS Stark with an Exocet missile fired “accidentally”, killing 37 American sailors while they were patrolling the sea lanes in the Persian Gul, and, to complete their thankfulness, in 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in an attempt to cause the price of oil barrel soar up. In 2003, the Coalition of Western Nations, led by the United States, toppled Saddam Hussein from power to liberate the people of Iraq. However, when Barrack Obama withdrew the American troops, the Iraqi showed their gratitude by creating the most murderous terrorist organization in the history of mankind; the ISIS, who are rampant committing genocide against Christians, Druse, Kurdish, and other ethnic minorities.

Now, the Obama Administration is helping Islamic guerrillar fighters to overthrow al-Assad government in Syria. How will the Islamic insurgent groups show their appreciation next time? The question is: are Western leaders smart enough to cope with the growing threat of Islamic fundamentalism to the Western Civilization, a threat from within, because, this time they are growing in numbers as refugees and immigrants. Up until now, all the American governments, Democratic and Republican, and their allies, have only helped Islamic freedom fighters world-wide, but have abandoned to their own devices all the Christian and secular people, who are being murdered worldwide by islamic hordes. It seems as though that Western leaders no longer represent the people who voted for them, but other obscured interests. Who is going to protect us, Christians, Jewish, agnostics, scientists, artists, and writers, from savage Islamic attacks when they unleash their hatred on the Western World?

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