SIG P226

The SIG Sauer P226 is a German/Swiss recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistol in service with the Canadian Special Forces, the Finnish Army, the French elite GIGN, and the German federal police special units. Chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum, .40S&W, or the .357SiG (9mm) ammunition, it is a highly reliable match grade handgun whose design is based on the P220. Along the Beretta 92F, it succefully passed the US Army XM9 Service Pistol Trials, but the Beretta was granted the contract because the Italian firm had offered a lower total package price than SIG Sauer. It has a double-action/single-action trigger mechanism, with decocker, which is a safety system that blocks the firing pin from striking a loaded cartridge. The P226 uses a 15-round double-stack magazine, whose release button is located behind the trigger, on the left hand side of gun. This German pistol features iron sights and a picatinny rail for tactical flashlight.


Type: semi-automatic pistol

Caliber: 9mm, .40, .357

Weight: 0.964 kg

Barrel length: 11.2 cm

Muzzle velocity: 350 m/s

Effective range: 50 m

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