Introduced in 2011, the SIG716 is a gas-operated rifle chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. It is manufactured by the German firm SIG Sauer in two versions: the SIG716 “Patrol” and “Precision”. The former is basically an assault rifle and the latter a sniper rifle. Both variants have a piston-driven, short-stroke gas-operated system, with a four-position gas plug, offering an “off”, a “normal operating”, “supressed”, and “overgased” settings, which allows one to shoot in adverse conditions. The Patrol variant has a 16″ barrel, with 6-groove rifling and flash hider, while the Sniper version is equipped with an 18″ barrel and aluminum rails for an accessory bipod and optic scope. The SIG716 rifle also features flip sights, a telescopic buttstock, and a match grade trigger group. This is a high-quality and accurate weapon, with a very light recoil, despite the fact it is a 7.62mm rifle. It uses detachable 20-round magazine, firing in single shot and fully automatic modes. Effective range: 600 m. Price: US $ 1,750.



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