Skoda 47-mm vz 36

The Skoda 47-mm P.U.V vz 36 was a WWII, anti-tank gun developed and manufactured by the Czech firm Skoda but it was used in combat by the German Army from the beginning of the war. This gun production and factories had been seized and taken over by the Wehrmacht when Czechoslovakia was annexed to Germany in March 1939. Alongside the 5-cm Pak 38 and the 7.5-cm Pak 40, it was in service with German infantry units until 1945. In German hands, it was also known as the 4.7-cm Pak 36(t), which had an impressive, powerful punch and piercing capacity, being able to penetrate 55-mm-thick armour from a distance of 640 m as it fired AP 1.64 kg and HE 1.5 kg.


The 4.7-cm Pak 36(t) was also used to attack and destroy fortified, artillery or machine gun emplacements. It was mounted on a two-wheeled carriage, fitted with a steel shield, and towed by horses or trucks. Many Skoda 47 mm guns were installed in German armoured vehicles, which were used as tank destroyers.


Type: anti-tank gun
Caliber: 47mm
Barrel length: 2 m
Weight: 605 kg
Elevation: -8º to +26º
Maximum range: 4,000 m


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