Society in History

Society versus the individual, who comes first? Or which one is more important for the development of a nation? It has always been a long-discussed argument in history, specially between those who strongly favor socialism, such as the incumbent Barrack Obama and the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and those who support and speak up for individual rights, such as the Republicans. It is easy to figure out, using reason and common sense. Here is my opinion:
Without individuals there would not be society, just as there would not be a car without all the different parts that constitute it. So, the individual comes first, just as the family come first; then, the clan; then, the tribe; then, the nation, which had its origin in the confederation of tribes, that were connected together by a common language, ethnicity, and historical background. “Society” is an abstract concept, but individuals are real persons, who can rejoice or suffer, and who get together to form a society out of their own free will. A society is the interaction of the individuals, who behave according to cultural patterns. So, meeting the needs of each individual that get together to constitute the whole means meeting society’s needs.

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