South Korean Military Strength

Since the Korean War, South Korea has built a powerful military, strong enough to hold off any sudden attack from North Korea and even mount a fast counter-offensive. South Korea learned the hard way; as a result, she is not going to be caught off guard and be invaded again as she was in the past (on June 25, 1950). Today her military build-up is the fourth strongest in the world, right behind the United States, Russia, and China. Thus, it is even stronger than any European country’s as her weaponry and equipment are up-to-date in fire power, mobility, armor, and technology.


Main Battle Tanks: approx 2,400 (K1A1, K1A2, K2 Black Panther, M48A3K Patton)

Infantry Fighting Vehicles: approx 900 (K21)

Armored Personnel Carriers: approx 1,950 (K200, Fiat-6614, and TM-170) + 600 KW1 Scorpions to enter service in 2016

Artillery: 1,890 155mm self-propelled howitzers (M109 and K9 Thunder); 1,500 155mm towed field howitzers (KH-179); approx 3,000 105mm towed howitzers (M101) + rocket launchers mounted on 290 trucks

Helicopters: 360 attack/light-attack (AH-1 Cobra, MD500 Defender, Messerschmitt Bo 105); approx 300 transport helicopters


Fighters/ Fighter-bombers: approx 410 (F-16 Falcon, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-5E/F Tiger II, KAI FA-50, F-4 Phantom II)



Submarines: 15 Chang Bogo-class and Son Wonil-class (German Type 209 and Type 14 respectively)

Destroyers: 12 (armed with surface-to-air and anti-ship missiles)

Frigates: 11

Corvettes: 19 (armed with 4 Harpoon missiles each and Mk 32 and Mk 46 torpedoes)

Patrol boats: 81 (armed with surface-to-surface missiles and torpedoes)

Assault ships: 1

Landing ships: 5

The armored units and attack helicopters constitute the backbone of South Korean military power



South Korean Fire Power (video)

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