Star Model B Pistol

The Star Model B was a Spanish, single-action, 9mm pistol manufactured by the firm Bonifacio Echeverría in Eibar, Spain. Introduced in 1932, it was a reliable and sturdy weapon used by officers of both the right-wing army (Falange) and the republican army (socialists) during the Spanish Civil War; it was also employed in reduced numbers by German and Italian officers during World War II. The design of the Star Model B pistol was very similar to that of the Colt M1911, but it lacked the handgrip safety and spring housing. This Spanish handgun was accurate and had very light recoil and a light crisp trigger pull. When the pistol was fired the barrel and slide moved backwards a short distance with the lugs still engaged. At the end of this distance the barrel progress was arrested by a swinging link which swung round to pull the barrel lugs out of the receiver slide, which was then free to move farther and so eject the spent case and restart the loading cycle. The Star Model B can be bought at US$D 320 in the United States of America.


Type: single-action pistol

Caliber: 9mm

Weight: 1 kg

Barrel length: 12.5 cm

Effective range: 60 m

Feed: 8-round magazine




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