Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG is a 5.56mm, assault rifle developed in Austria in the 1970s. Compact and ergonomic, it has a Bullpup design, with the receiver, bolt carrier assembly, and magazine located behind the trigger mechanism, which include the two fire settings; single-shot mode is obtained by pressing the trigger half-way; for fully automatic fire, one has to press it all the way back. The Steyr AUG has a safety button that is easily found above the handgrip, on the left hand side of rifle. It has a gas-operated auto-loading system, with short piston, firing from closed bolt 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. It uses either 30 or 42-round magazine. The ejection port is ambidextrous as it can fixed to throw the empty cartridge casings to the right or to the left. The charging handle is on the left side.

The AUG A1 version features a fixed 1.6x optic sight and a 50.8-cm-long barrel, whcih can be completely taken apart along with the forward handle when field stripping the gun. With a chrome-plated chamber, the barrel is cold hammer-forged, with 6 right hand groove rifling, as it can be interchanged with shorter or longer barrels, according to the combat situation. Accurate, reliable, and shorter than conventional assault rifles, the Steyr AUG is an ideal infantry weapon for house-to-house fighting. It is in service with the Austrian, Italian, Croatian, Australian, and Argentinian armies. Main versions: AUG A1, A2, A3.




Steyr AUG in Action

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