T-28 Tank

The T-28 was a WWII, Russian, medium tank introduced in 1933. It was manufactured by the State-run tank factory of Leningrad. It was armed with a 76.2mm gun, mounted in the main turret, and four 7.62mm machine guns, two of which were fitted in two separate smaller turrets. Although it weighed 28 tons, it had limited armor protection; 30mm-thick steel on the front and only 20mm on the sides. It was powered by one M-17, V-12 gasoline engine, which delivered 500 horsepower. Its maximum road speed was 23 miles per hour (37 km/h) and had an operational range of 138 miles. When WWII broke out, the T-28 had become rather obsolete and was easily destroyed by the German Panzer IV. It would be replaced by the reliable, strong and well armed T-34 tank.


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