T-35 Tank

The T-35 was a WWII, Russian heavy tank in service with the Soviet Army between 1935 and 1943. With a weight of 45 tons, its main turret was fitted with a 76.2mm (3-in) gun, which was not powerful enough to perforate the German Panzer IV’s armor, while two of the four secondary turrets mounted 37mm guns. The T-35 weaponry also included three 7.62mm machine guns. This Russian heavy tank was powered by one M-17M, V-12, gasoline engine that generated 500 horsepower. With a maximum cross-country speed of 13 miles per hour, the T-35 was slow and had weak armor protection, consisting of only 30mm-thick steel plates on on the front and 10mm-thick on the hull sides. By mid 1943, it had been replaced by the IS-2 heavy tank.


Type: heavy tank

Length: 9.7 m (31′ 10″)

Width: 3.2 m (10′ 16″)

Height: 3.43 m (11′ 3″)

Crew: 11


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