Taiho Aircraft Carrier

Taiho was a fleet carrier used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II. Launched in 1943, she was part of the Japanese First Mobile Force, under Jisaburo Ozawa, when she was sank by a US Navy submarine, USS Albacore, during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, on June 19, 1944, as she was hit by one torpedo that tore up a jagged hole in the starboard side of her hull, near the island. She had been manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, at Kobe, Honshu, Japan.

The offensive weapons of Taiho consisted of 65 aircraft (A6M Zero, Aichi D3A, Nakajima B5N) that took off her 260m (284yd)-long flight deck as she was fitted with two elevators. She was also armed with twelve 100mm (3.9″) guns and fifty one 25mm AA guns. Four geared steam engines, with four shafts and supplied by eight boilers, made up her power plant.


Length 260.6 m (284 yard)

Beam: 27,4 m (29 yard)

Draft: 9.6 m

Displacement: 30,000 tons

Speed: 33 knots (38 mph)

Range: 8,000 nautical miles (15,000 km)



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