Task Force 16

The Task Force 16 (TF16) was a US Navy’s fleet that operated in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Created in February 1942, its first commander was Vice Admiral William F Halsey. It consisted of one aircraft carrier (USS Enterprise CV-6), two cruisers (USS Northampton CA-26 and Salt Lake City CA-25), and six destroyers. Under the command of Raymond A Spruance, it participated in the Battle of Midway, along with TF17. In early August 1942, the aircraft and naval guns of TF16 provided fire support to the US Marines landing on Guadalcanal. During the Guadalcanal Campaign, the TF16 would also take part in the following naval engagements: Battle of Eastern Solomons (August 25-26, 1942), Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands (October 26, 1942), and the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. In March 1943, this task force would successfully engage Japanese warships at the Battle of the Komandorski Islands. In 1944, after the creation of the US Fifth Fleet, the TF16 would be assigned to refueling US warships as it had been deprived of its aircraft carrier and cruisers.


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