Tavor TAR-21

The Tavor TAR-21 is a compact, combat-proven, water-proof assault rifle developed by Israeli Military Industries (IMI). It has been in service with the Israel Defense Forces since 2001. It is also used by the Brazilian, Colombian, Ukrainian, and Thailand armies. With a Bullpup configuration, it is a short and ergonomic rifle, designed for house-to-house urban warfare. It features a gas-operted system, with rotating bolt, and shoots 5.56x45mm ammunition from a 30-round detachable magazine. Like the Steyr AuG, it has two ejection ports, one of which is blocked for either right-handed or lefted handed shooters. The Tavor has a single-shot/fully automatic fire selector switch, located above the handgrip on both sides of rifle. It is also fitted with a ITL MARS, with built-in laser pointer, offering Picatinny rail for accessories. It has a rate of fire of 800 rpm and an effective range of 500 m. It has been produced in different versions: TAR-21 (standard), CTAR-21 (with shorter barrel), STAR-21 (marksman), and MTAR-21 (micro).



Tavor firing, at the range

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