Top Ten Assault Rifles

Reliability, stopping power, accuracy, rate of fire, and amount of rounds held in the magazine are the criteria used to make up this list of top ten assault rifles, which are used by the best special forces units world-wide. In the history of modern warfare, a firearm stopping power is a highly valued feature by the infantryman when launching an assault against an enemy-held position or when defending the conquered territory from a vicious enemy attack, especially if the enemy soldier you are confronting is a fanatical one, charging at you with a bayonet-fixed rifle or is carrying explosives or is holding a hand grenade; you wouldn’t want him te get any closer; thus, from this point of view, the bigger the caliber is, the better. It is also extremely important that the gun self-loading system does not fail on you at the most dangerous and stressing moment, with its moving parts not getting jammed, no matter how adverse the environmental and weather conditions are. Every US soldier who fought in the jungle of Vietnam knows this, because there were many American grunts who got killed in battle when their M16 cartridge case ejecting mechanism got jammed; this is the reason why this US-made rifle is not included in the list below.

1- Heckler & Koch HK417


3- Galil AR

4- Heckler & Koch G3

5- Bushmaster ACR

6- Heckler 6 Koch G36

7- SiG SG 552

8- AK-47. Very reliable but not very accurate

9- Steyr AUG

10- M14. It has a long range and powerful stopping power

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