Top Ten Historic Rifles

The top ten historic rifles are those standard issue infantry weapons that were used in the most renown wars and battles in the history of the 20th century. From the Boers War to Gulf War, they made history in the hands of the skilled foot soldier that tenaciously conquered enemy-held territory or that gloriously rejected vicious attacks, defending the independence of a country. They were employed in the name of freedom, nationalism, or somme ideological evil cause, such as communism or religious terrorism. From top to bottom, the list down below is arranged according to the longest period of service they were used and the most number of battles and wars they took part in, in the first place, and accuracy, reliability, stopping power, and fire power in the second term.

1- Springfield M1903 (1903-1974). WWI, Mexican Revolution, WWII, Chinese Civil War, Korean War, Cuban Revolution.

2- Mosin-Nagant (1891-1962). WWI, Russian Revolution, WWII, Spanish Civil War, Chinese Civil War, Korean War.

3- Lee-Enfield (1895-1957). Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Suez Canal Crisis.

4- Mauser 98 (1898-1945). WWI, Spanish Civil War, WWII, War of Isreali Independence

5- Lebel M1886 (1887-1940). WWI, WWII, French-Indochina War.

6- Browning Automatic Rifle (1918-1962). WWII, Chinese Civil War, French-Indochina War, Korean War, Cuban Revolution, Bay of Pigs Invasion.

7- M1 Garand (1936-1957). WWII, French-Indochina War, Korean War, War of Israeli Independence, Cuban Revolution.

8- AK 47 (1949-present). Vietnam War, Six Day War, Yom Kippur War, Gulf War.

9- FN FAL (1954-present). Six Day War, Yom Kippur War, Lebanese Civil War, Falklands War, and wars against communist terrorism and guerrilla armies in Latin American and Africa.

10- M16 (1962-present). Vietnam War, Cambodian Civil War, Invasion of Grenada, Invasion of Panama, Gulf War. Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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