Top Ten Historic Pistols

This top ten historical pistols list is objectively arranged according to the number of battles and wars they have been used in, and their performance in terms of dependability and accuracy. Although Japanese and Italian pistols have been used in many fiercely-fought military engagements of WWI and WWII, they are not included here due to not being quite reliable and efficient handguns from the accuracy and stopping power point of view. The last three ones down at the bottom of the list are excellent match grade weapons, but they are down there because they lack enough historical background.

1- Colt M1911

2- Walther PP

3- Luger P8

4- Browning HP (GP)

5- Walther P38

6- Star Model B

7- Radom Wz 35

8- Glock 17

9- Heckler & Koch USP

10- Beretta 92

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