Top Ten Pistols

This list of top ten most reliable pistols is made up according to reliability, accuracy, and durability, which means capable of withstanding intense usage under adverse battle conditions withouth jamming and losing precision. Although it is not easy to qualify high quality sideguns and say which one is better than the other, for we all have biases and a tendency to be subjective, the pistols down there are considered to be the best for they have been tested and proven in combat by special forces units and law enforcement agencies around the world. However, there are other match grade pistols that have been left out, such as HK P30, IMI Desert Eagle, and the Browning HP, simply because there is only room for ten.

1- Heckler & Koch Mark 23

2- SIG Sauer P226

3- Heckler & Koch USP

4- FN FiveSeven

5- Walther P99

6- Glock 17

7- Beretta 92

8- Colt 1911

9- Walther P38

10- Star 30M


 The Heckler & Koch Mark 23, used by US Special Operations Forces

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