Type 1 Chi-He

The Type 1 Chi-He was a Japanese medium tank used during the last stages of World War II. Being in service from late 1943 to 1945, it was deployed in the Philippines and saw combat action in the Battle of Leyte. The Type 1 Chi-He was developed from the Type 97 Chi-Ha, with a total production of 170 tanks. It weighed 17 tons and featured a 47-mm gun mounted in a turret situated at the center of hull. It was also armed with two 7.7-mm machine guns. Its tracks were fitted with six road wheels, with the driving sprocket wheel at the upper front. It had 50-mm-thick armor on the front and only 8-mm on the flanks. Its power plant consisted of one Mitsubishi Type 100, V12 diesel engine, which delivered 240 hp. Although it was one of the best japanese tanks, the Type 1 was not a match for the American Sherman M4 tank, which mounted a more powerful gun (75-mm) and had better armor protection.



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