Type 2 Ho-I

The Type 2 Ho-I was a WW2 medium tank in service with the Imperial Japanese Army from 1942 to 1945. To develop this tank, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries used the chassis of the Type 97 Chi-Ha, fitting it with a new turret that featured a 75-mm gun, capable of destroying small bunkers and pillboxes, and knocking out thin-armored enemy tanks. The Type 99 75-mm gun was the most powerful tank gun the Japanese ever produced in WW2. Nevertheless, they were able to manufactured only thirty Type 2s as by late 1944 production was stopped due to Allied bombing of Japanese cities. The Ho-I had a maximum armor protection of 50-mm-thick steel plate on the front and only 12-mm on the sides. It was propelled by one Mitsubishi Type 100, air-cooled, V-12 diesel engine, capable of developing to 240 horsepower.


Type: medium tank

Weight: 16 tons

Length: 5.7 m

Width: 2.33 m

Height: 2.6 m

Maximum speed: 26 mph (44 km/h)

Range: 160 miles


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